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Darkness, swallowing me whole
Encasing my thoughts for now
Knowing that it will succeed
Sleep encases me



Attention,  I can’t tell you what to do

Because I don’t know what to say

Create your own life

Don’t let me run it all

Even I can’t be sure of my own

For now I don’t know what to do sometimes

Great people don’t even always know

How can I know

I can be confused and not know what to do

Just wait and see and you won’t know either

Knowing might be bad for you

Listening to me won’t work any better

My ideas are as good as yours

No one’s ideas are any better

Only you can figure out what you are doing

Please try to tell me why you asking me

Quite frankly, I don’t know

Responding to your problems won’t do anything

So many people what someone else to

Tell them what to do every time

Until they have to figure it out all their own

Very many people have done it

Wondering why you have to do it

X- raying the future until it falls apart

You can’t tell how it will end

Zoinks now this is ending


Meant for the heart

Understood by all

Stays in your head

Invisible, but you can see it

Created by many


This poem was written as a collaboration with my friends Mia and Nicole.



Living Hell on Earth

Trapped there for seven hours

We will waste our life.


But we need knowledge in life

To keep us from being blind


Bells govern our lives

The endless monotony

This day never ends


Who really needs Chemistry

It is such a useless thing


Why do we do all

These things like study classics

And read boring books


These things don’t matter but al l

Our experiences do

Free Verse

I don’t want to write a poem today.

It is late and my head is filled

With thoughts of other things to do and say

This wasn’t really supposed to rhyme.

I know this poem is really bad.

But I don’t want to miss today.

I want to have all of my poems this month

So this is all I have to say.


Sitting in my chair
Wondering why I am here
I need to do something else
Bored here alone
I’m not doing anything
Please tell me why that is


I am looking at the unknown.
Away from the crowd, I stand alone.
The world feels crowded sometimes.
Sometimes it feels so empty

Away from the crowd, I stand alone.
I know the world is my home
Sometimes it feels so empty
Shadows fill the air when no one is near

I know the world is my home
The world feels crowded sometimes.
Shadows fill the air when no one is near
I am looking at the unknown.



Interesting, Crazy

Sleeping, Dreaming, Creating

Float, Drift,  Create, Wish


Suzette Prime

can you answer my question?

I need to know what to say when he comes here

do you understand?

tell me if I need to find out something else today

why do you always do this to me when you know I can’t change how it is?

I don’t know




Pure and loud

So important

Piercing through silence without any pause